Once you’ve created a free account, there are lots of ways you can connect with the paddling world.   On the website

  • Follow your friends and other paddlers - just click the ‘Follow’ button on their account page
  • Plan trips   Go to the Section on Planning and review the the weather, the river height, park closures, the distance and the recommended time that it may take to paddle by an average paddler, the shuttle, the access points and special features for parking, toilets, fresh water, picnics, coffee. 
  • and find paddling friends.
  • BE SAFE: Download the PADDLESAFE APP to DEVELOP A Trip Plan from your mobile device, udate just before you paddle off & LOG a FLOAT PLAN with fellow paddlers and your Home Base.
  • Publish your trips on Facebook
  •  FACEBOOK:  Discuss areas, routes & trips  with your friends and the paddling community -