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   WATERWAY - Any river, estuary, lake or dam, bay, coatal area or ocean.




ACCESS POINT: Firstly it describes vehicle access; main road, paved, unsealed or extreme 4WD and parking information; metered to side of the road situations. Facilities like ( icons and descriptions) and land tenure. Access to the water by a boat ramp, river bank or bridge. beach, a short stroll, 200 metres or kilometres in some special cases. Descriptions and images can describe the access to the water. We welcome information for wheel chair friendly ramps or devices for assistance to the water..       


SECTIONS/TRIPS - descriptions of suggested trips on the Waterways. When used in rivers, the TRIPS are in order, source to sea, and called SECTIONS because they divide the river into sections. Check the Access Point to ensure that the Sections are continuous.  The Blue Dot is positioned in proximitiy of the proposed TRIP and is not meant to be a particular point on the map. When the Trips are on lakes and open water, a Trip leader would need to research the best route from Access Point to destination, as weather, swell and tides can play a major influence on the progress of a trip. In some cases, the route is marked by a blue line to provide an indication of the destination but this line MUST NOT be used as a charted route.










 paddler within a sheildCANOE CLUB These are the clubs registered with each state paddle association and Australian Canoeing

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