this area of the website is for you. Its where you can locate short cuts to favourite information, store your paddling history and website contributions, connect with others, and speed up your trip planning when using the mobile APP.  Signup is easy and your private information will not be....

My Profile: can be updated at any time. The information provided is used by the website and mobile APP to enhance your website experience. Information like paddling experience, type of water - lakes, white or sea, flat and the region where you like to paddle can be useful for finding like-minded paddlers; boat descriptions and equipment can be useful if they get stolen or lost. Much of this information can simply be downloaded to trip plans saving time,

 Connect with other paddlers: plan trips, find partners and keep up with what’s going on at your favourite waterways. 


Use the Website and look for the SHARE button when you get to detailed information on the website and send a link to your friends when you propose a trip. 

Or use the PaddleSafe App which you can download free from the Apple Store. This provides for the full aspect of planning trips including inviting others.    

(The PaddleSafe App will go ANDROID as soon as a few more funds are found) 

You can elect to make your profile available to other paddlers ( ICON) so they can contact you to perhaps invite you on a trip or ask for advice about trips you have done. It  will be important to outline the type of trips you like to do, the area you like to paddle, when you like to paddle are all details that could be useful to form specific groups. Your paddling qualifications would be helpful for assisting with safety & training. Even the type of boat & colour can be helpful if you are overdue from a trip or maybe the boat has gone missing.

 My Favourites: You can make short cuts to favourite Trips and Access Points by clicking on the STAR in the detailed information section attached to each trip or access point.  Filters can be used to sort the waterways and trips to your liking. These lists saved and stored under MY CONTENT tab along the top bar.

(BOOK ICON)  TRIP LOG: There will be a list of  Trips that you have lead or participated in from using the Mobile APP.  A planned project will enable the download of a Log Book of these trips

 Your Contributions:

Update the database to make it more accurate for the paddling community.  Make a comment OR contact feedback@waterwaysguide.org.au to upgrade your status to become a writer. You are acknowledged for every new trip or access point that you have created.