Sydney Harbour
Discover the beauty of our Australian waterways and destinations, many unique only to paddlers. The Waterways Guide built by the paddling community to help you explore lakes, rivers, bays and the coast. Be inspired by hundreds of access points and trip ideas. It also provides information for fisherman and canyoners.


The website is a comprehensive, interactive site to help you safely plan and share trip ideas with your friends. The site has commenced in New South Wales for paddlers and therefor has a great deal more information relating to their needs. Fishermen and particularly fresh water anglers, are now adding information for their community. Please don't be too disappointed to find less information in other States, however it has started and before too long you will be planning trips all over the country.


The site provides heaps of information to help you to prepare for safe and enjoyable activities.
is about preparation, knowing your abilities,   developing skill and knowledge for your area of interest. Look up the Safe Paddling Resources and find links to technique and safety videos, brochures for boating rules on the water and everything from choosing the right boat to equipment you might carry for emergencies.


cold winters paddle
The GRADING SYSTEM categorises the type of water you may encounter. It will include the Internationally recognised Grading of Whitewater and an outline of flat and open waters pepared by qualified Instructors from NSW. This system provides advice for understanding water hydrology and conditions and the effects of weather, tide, wind and rain. For more details:


Check out the Clubs list,their focus and where they can be found. There are qualified coaches and instructors to teach you how to paddler, paddle better, lead trips and compete or set personal goals to challenge for a deeper involvement.  Once in a Club you will be able to join in State Organised events and reap even more rewards.
There is also a list of Paddling Businesses if you would like to hire or purchase equipment and learn how to paddle, many of which are situated in beautiful surroundings.


Up to the hour river height readings. If you are a whitewater paddler you can receive alerts of "good' river levels saving the laborious trawling through the Bureau site. In a quick glance of a change in colour of the icon will indicate the height of the river.   It is a level for the average paddler. Tread carefully till you work out a good colour for your paddle skill.


Personalise the website by making FAVOURITE lists.  Look for the Gold Star on the Trips and Access Point details and after you choose a Gold star the selection will become yours. Look for this list under the TAB of MY CONTENT.