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Mixed copyright

PaddleNSW supports mixed copyright, where some content owned by PaddleNSW INC  (under the Creative Commons - Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike licence), and some content owned by publishers, clubs and other websites.

The general premise of the mixed copyright is that the overall document has multiple copyrights, while individual pieces of copyrightable content within the document have specific copyright.

In the system copyright content includes:

  • Section descriptions
  • Access Points, Points of interest
  • photos
  • maps
  • comments

(Note that Access Points themselves  are not copyrightable, because like street names they are community facts) - but the congregation of further information added to the access point may be.}

Where copyright content is distributed by the Waterways Guide Service it includes a reference to a copyright statement.

Where copyright content is displayed in Waterways Guide portals a reference to the copyright is made on the page on which it is displayed. Where multiple copyright material is displayed (eg Section description showing tthe Waterways Guide content and publisherX content) then both copyrights are displayed as a 'mixed' copyright.

For reference to the Waterways Guides content see the copyright statement above. Our general philosophy is to make our content available for the benefit of the paddling community for non-commercial channels, however because of this mixed copyright we need to know and monitor its use. Therefore we require you to ask permission before you start using our material.