This document has been written to communicate our expectation of acceptable member behaviour on the site. It does not extend to general paddling behaviour. However we do recommend that you consider the environment that you paddle in.

Whilst using the site it is important for you, as an individual in the community, to understand that we might intervene with management decisions that may result in posts being removed, warning messages being sent, permissions being reduced or members being banned. Of course, we hope none of this ever happens, but this is our role as a community moderator.

Please be aware that this document will not and cannot be comprehensive, as every incident has its own unique characteristics. However, we will add to this document as we learn more about moderating in a community and managing an information resource.


Members of the Waterways Guide community should feel comfortable to actively participate in the community using their own name.

We wish to foster free flowing discussions and development of content and ideas for the benefit of the paddling community.

Where these aims conflict we will have to make a decision.

We wish to be able to distribute content across mobile platforms using a reasonable content rating. In particular this will affect content with swearing.

Being derogatory against individuals or minority groups is not acceptable.

Resolving disputes

If you have any problems then please get in contact with us privately (

Public notification of behaviour issues is not helpful and may make resolution more difficult and we may not even respond because it may continue to inflame the issue.

It is much better if the aggrieved person contacts us, than an observer.

Our normal escalation process will be:

  • Courtesy message asking a member to resolve the situation themselves.

  • Administrative removal of post, image or description.

  • Official warning.

  • Permissions reduced.

  • Account disabled.


Depending on the situation we may skip some of these steps.

Just so you know we don’t believe in a name and shame system, so we will not be doing that.

Locally sensitive Trips and Access Points

There are some access points with particular local sensitivities. On the whole we will err toward being accommodating of these sensitivities.

Please notify if you believe it prudent to alert other paddlers to access sensitivity. For example, you may wish to access private property or a bridge adjacent to private property and with a little communication work out an agreeable outcome for all.

If we have made a management decision to remove content for reasons of local sensitivities, we ask that you do not keep putting it back in because you disagree with us. It is much better to continue to work with the locals so that we can find a long-term acceptable solution.

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