Trout Farm Rapid To Kell's Lane

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Trout Farm Rapid To Kell's Lane - alt
Goobarragandra River
Main Exit Point: 
This is a delightful section suitable for advanced novices. In the first half of the trip there are many interesting grade 2 rapids and one waterfall which should be portaged. The disposition of the rocks and the possible presence of pieces of pipe (used in the past for water-pumping devices) and logs under the surface make injury possible at most river levels should the rapid be attempted. This waterfall is about 1 km from the start of the trip and is hidden from view from the top by a right-hand bend in the river. There is an easy portage on the left. There are numerous homes beside the river at first but it later swings away from the road and a beautiful wilderness gorge is reached. Just before the high tension power wires pass overhead there is a rock block up with huge blocks of granite in the river. The main flow heads down the middle and into a dangerous undercut under one of the granite blocks. As the flow is swift, and churning, considerable difficulty may be experienced by novices here. The only satisfactory way is to keep to the left of the flow as far as possible and paddle around the left side of the boulder. Portaging may be possible on the far left. Just after the power wires there is a small fall which should be easy for most novices in moderate water and is best shot towards the right. The river then emerges from the gorge still with some interesting grade 2 rapids then quietens as it flows through beautiful farming country. This highly scenic stretch is interesting in that huge isolated gum trees line the riverbank with a back-drop of grassy hillsides. This scenery remains until the bridge at Kell's Lane is reached.
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day paddle
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Take great care in approaching the waterfall as the approach is around a bend (to the right) and is hidden by willows so that it would be easy to be inadvertently swept over it.
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POINT (148.37782630883 -35.340319720581)